Frameless & semi-frameless glass balustrading

If you’re looking for a modern, stylish and safe way to finish off your balcony, stairs and voids, then look no further than glass balustrading. Not only does frameless glass balustrading and semi-frameless glass balustrading provide a sleek and sophisticated look, it will also leave you with unobstructed views.

At Elite Glass Design, we specialise in supplying and installing frameless glass balustrades and semi-frameless glass balustrades in Perth, Cockburn and the surrounding region. Our professional team has completed many Perth frameless glass balustrading and semi-frameless glass balustrading projects for some of the city’s top builders, including multiple-story glass staircases, balconies and voids.

We understand that installing glass balustrading can be a big commitment and clients have different needs and visions for their dream finished product. That’s why each of our Perth and Cockburn semi-frameless glass balustrading and frameless glass balustrading jobs are individually designed to meet specific architectural and engineering requirements. Glass balustrades can also be designed to meet building codes either with or without a handrail.

Like our glass pool fencing and glass splashbacks, there are many options in the design of our glass balustrades, these options start with the fixing method, right through to hardware, handrail selection and whether you want frameless glass balustrades or semi-frameless glass balustrades. Elite Glass Design will work with you through the steps and selections in order to provide the results you are after.

Like all of our products, glass balustrading is tested, manufactured and installed to strict standards and regulations. Contact Elite Glass Design today for all your Perth frameless glass balustrading and semi-frameless glass balustrading needs.