Frameless Glass Balustrade – Perth – Bicton – Floreat

April 25, 2023

Check out our recently completed frameless glass balustrade projects in Perth.

Our frameless glass balustrades are custom measured, designed and installed to suit and fit perfectly in your home, we offer a range of options to create your new frameless glass balustrade just the way you have visualized it, and if you need help with this we offer an in home design consultation with a working sample of glass balustrade to help.


Frameless Glass Balustrade can be installed/fixed in place via multiple methods and this is the starting point as it will determine the overall look and finish, frameless glass balustrades can be side fixed/planar mounted or surface fixed/top mounted, we then go to the handrail, this can be side mounted/offset or top mounted, next we come to material/product finish, Elite Glass Design offer polished, satin/brushed, or matt black as standard all in the highest quality 2205 grade duplex stainless steel on all of our Frameless Glass Balustrades in Perth.

Side fixed/planar with side mount/offset handrail.

Surface/top mounted with top fixed handrail.

Top fixed/surface mounted with top fixed handrail.


We have selections of stainless steel handrails finished in either polished, satin/brushed or matt black as standard or various options of timbers including, Australian Oak, Jarrah, Victorian Ash and more.


Side fixed/planar mounted frameless glass balustrade with brass finished standoffs and a round profile Victorian Ash timber handrail system on a beautiful Bicton home in Perth.


Side fixed/planar mounted frameless glass balustrade with black finished standoffs and a square profile Tasmanian Oak handrail system to finish off this beautiful Floreat home in Perth.